Snapchat Notes- Discussing Spiritual Evolution- January 28th 2018

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I am starting to type out all of the important issues I talk about on snapchat, here, so it is available forever and not 24 hours. I will be writing more in-depth and not as… scrambled posts on every subject I post about, so just take note that these notes may seem jumbled sometimes. Snapchat is my outlet to write about thing’s quickly, but in proper blog posts, I tend to approach it in a more academic style and go way more in-depth…

Discussing Spiritual Evolution- January 28th 2018

Why would someone choose to have a life where they die from violence? Are stabbed to death? It’s because, everyone who choices to come to earth to learn and evolve, has died that way at some point. So say someone goes through that horrible death, they are more than likely going to come down again in the next life, and hate violence. They learnt, violence is horrible, aka, they evolved.


YOU plan every life. I told you, you own your soul. You create your path step by step, you planned it, you just forget.

With spiritual evolution, imagine reincarnating so many times, walking from every single walk of life, and experiencing everything. You can see how someday, you have learnt it all, you have no more learning to do. Many of you are far off. You’ll have to keep coming back to this land of negativity, until your perfect. It gets better and easier every time. It wasn’t suppose to be this bad here in 2018 though, those 3 sin.. mmmm.


The normal feeling of the soul is so happy, like the happiest you’ve ever been x 198383838, on the other side. So you can be too optimistic when planning a life over there. You forget how bad it is here, you can bite off more than you can chew. You are warned of this, they tell you ‘hey, that might be a bit too much’, but ultimately you choose. You can see, how suicide happens in this way. A tiny glitch of a moment where you thought you would be strong enough, and you wasn’t. You will have to come back and do that life, all over again. It’s like you sign up to do a 30 km marathon run. You think it will be easy, until you get 5 km . in and realise, you have 25 km to go, and your like….fuck!


The only way to learn is through direct experience, anything other than that and your not really learning yourself. You have to walk the path yourself, learn it yourself, before you can really evolve through it. The good news is, you don’t have to come back after a full life straight away! You can pick how long you’re going to wait, spend time healing. That is, if you died of a natural death. Suicide people do have a little bit of time over there, but not as long before they reincarnate back.


You have to finish what you start. Suicide is the most dumb thing you can do, don’t do it. Every pure soul that has did it because they were in pain, regrets it the second they die. They see the devastation they left, they want to take it back. If someone you know has done it, you need to know they are so so sorry and so ashamed that they did that to you. And they did it to themselves, in the next life, they will make it past that point! They really didn’t mean to do it and if they waited 10 minutes, they probably wouldn’t of did it. They do NOT get in trouble, at all! They are healed, their friends and family over there surround them. And they work out ways they can prevent it happening next time. You should know they are so sorry for leaving you, for what they did to you. But you should also know, as soon as they died, they were at peace and happy again. Life is hard.


Because you know, you’ve had multiple lives, just like in this one, you have literally an army of friends and family. They support you and when you cross over, they are all there for you. We also have guides helping us along because learning even the most simple life lessons through experience can be painful. And we know, it’s so easy to give up. You have more support than you could even imagine. You forget everything on earth, you have too, or you wouldn’t learn.


So ask yourself, do you really want to go through every single thing in your life since birth, all over again, just in a different generation with completely different people?? Didn’t think so… So, CROSS suicide of your list of solutions! Suicide is not a solution, it is a set back! A step backwards in spiritual evolution, another whole lifetime you have to endure. They regret it so much when it’s all over. They wish they could take it back, but death is permanent, and they can’t… They are okay though! And mind control, making people think they are so depressed and sad, has a big impact on the number of suicides. You’re okay! All you have to do is work through pain, not run from it. The state of society is bad… Very bad..

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And even though you have guides, family members and friends over there, and there is a higher power (x2- soul mates), they cannot jump into your life and make everything perfect. You have to go through negativity, that’s the purpose. You have to do it yourself. People may say “if there is a higher power, why do bad things happen”, wake up moron, what the fuck is the purpose of life on earth is everything is perfect for every soul? Pointless. May as well not bother.


You can’t be fully pure, fully spiritually evolved and perfect, if you don’t go through experiences and pain. You learn life from every single angle and go through all circumstances in multiple lives and guess what? Even though there are billions and billions of souls, until all of them are evolved fully, no more will be created. Souls are reused and come back through reincarnation. One day, more will be created, eventualy. And the evolved souls will guide them, and these evolved souls will not have to go back to the land of negativity. They have learnt lessons directly through so many lives and have lived with so many different circumstances, so they are perfect teachers.


The new souls however, will have to follow the same path every single one of us did, and one-day, they will be evolved too! And the cycle will go on and on and on. A constant cycle of new and evolved energy. Evolved soul = perfect. The new souls, that will be created when everyone fully evolves, which will take a LONG time, will be going to a whole fresh new planet. And because they will have us, who have walked and reincarnated onto the trial planet to guide them and teach them, it will be nowhere near as bad as it is here.


I told you, energy in the universe is constantly being created! It never stops, ever! There are billions of souls, but creating more and more souls with the state of things and before everyone is fully evolved, is ridiculous and just too much work. Soul = energy, Sun = energy, Elements = energy.

I told you, earth is the first planet with life. Anyone who has ever or does still walk the earth will have ore historical importance than you could imagine, one day.

After this life, I’m done! I know that with certainty and I know I can’t fail with what I want to do. Cause I planned it perfectly, after this I’m out, finally! But before I do that I have to fix this sin disgusting filthy society and world. The state of things is an absolute sickening filthy joke!


Once again, earth is a TRIAL planet. The souls that exist here and on the other side, are the first souls created. You’re all the first. Do you feel less depressed now? You should, wake up! You have life!

Many of the things in the universe, the planets, the stars, the galaxies, etc, were created before any of the souls were. Well, before the MAJORITY of the souls were that is. You are here for a reason, don’t you for one second take it for granted. You could quite literally be nothing. You could not exist!!!! Nothing!!! Black dark nothing!!!! So, wake the fuck up from that self induced, mind control depression. Take a look around you!!


Let’s be clear here shall we!! You’re mother gave birth to you, she gave birth to the human baby, the soul was implanted in. You’re mother is not your creator!! She created the human body, not you. The soul enters the body before birth, why in the hell would a soul want to stay in someones stomach for 9 months, when they could be over on the other side, ,until they come. The personality and everything that makes a person them, is their soul. Not their body..

On earth you form bonds with people, relationships. Every single one that is close to you’re heart, will always be close to your heart. Souls cannot be destroyed (most), it’s for eternity. So a mother and child, will always be linked and love each other. They will always be in each other’s existence, on the other side, for eternity.

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Loss is a life lesson no one can avoid. When someone looses someone so close to then, all they can do is keep faith that they are with you. Because they cannot jump in to make you feel better. Loss is a lesson you need to learn alone. You can have faith though. A family member who has passed is never going to manifest and hug you and say it’s okay, we are eternal. They would take away your pain. That pain, you need to use to learn. I’m sorry, it’s not easy… Or it would be pointless. You can heal yourself and feel closer to them through spirituality and yoga study, but you’ll never get to feel them, tough them or hug them until you get to the other side (light kingdom), it sucks, but it’s okay!!

Because not only are you here to evolve you’re soul to become perfect inside, you’re also here to learn how to teach. Because one day, you’ll have all those new souls to teach, while you’re on the other side (eternal home). You don’t wanna be a teacher? Too bad, you were picked to walk this path! So although it may be difficult and annoying, when you’re going through tough times just think… Hey! one day I will be able to help someone through this! I know how it feels! I can help them! Annoying, I know, too bad!


Because just like I teach you all this, from what I’ve learnt and been through, you will too! Not yet though, in order to teach, you have to be taught!

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