Yogi Spirituality Introduction – Emotional Pain, The Soul, Soul Mates, Earth Purpose + Dark Souls Explained

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Overall Summary of Post

In this post, I am going to be explaining the soul and energy, the concept of soul mates, emotional pain, how you can heal emotion pain and at the end, I am going to mention dark souls, which are the opposite to light souls (which the majority of you are).

All of the stuff I talk about will be explained in a further, more in-depth post, this post is an introduction post so is general and doesn’t go into TOO much detail (it does, but there is way more to know at the same time)

The Soul Explained

The soul, is energy. Just like the sun and planets, it’s energy. Just like the star’s and galaxies, it’s energy. The soul, when out of the body, is a kind of circular, ball of light energy (light souls), kind of like the sun, but more like the beams and reflections of the sun. In the images below, you can see reflections coming off the sun. These reflections are multi-coloured, they are mainly blue, green and pink/purple. The color of these reflections, is a mirror of the soul, light souls. Here is the pictures, I will continue after them…

sun pic 1

Sun pic 2

IMG_5969 2

As you can see, the Sun, is a brutal, hot bubble of energy. The light reflections that come off the sun, are the light sources that look like souls. Souls are energy. Everything in the universe is energy, from the planets to the stars, and the souls are exactly the same. Having the stars and planets and the sun, helps you to visually understand, the soul.

Important Things To Know About The Soul

Before I move on, I am going to let you know some more information about the soul

  • The Soul is Eternal-aka, it cannot be destroyed once created. That is, light souls.. As we will discuss below, certain dark souls, can certainly be destroyed..

  • When the Soul is in the body, it can only be there. When a soul is on the other-side though, it can split up. If you think of the Ball of Energy visualisation, you will start to see that it is a big mass. That big mass can be divided up into tiny little pieces. Aka, the soul can be in multiple places at once, when it passes over to the other side. This is why it can be in the other side of the light kingdom doing whatever, and also with people on earth.

  • Something to think about- if we can create energy, planets, the sun and stars, why wouldn’t you think there was a soul?? mmmmmm!

Let’s move on!

Where does the soul live in the human body??

In the human body, the Soul is fully in the body. This would be too much energy to contain in one place, so it is spread throughout the body in 7 places. These places of energy including the 6 Chakras, along with the 2 temples. The temples is where a majority of the soul lies and it is the region of the brain where spirt guides, and family members/friends, can communicate with you. Here is an image of the 6 Chakra’s, and just visualise two more points on either side of the temples.


I will talk more about the Chakra’s in the emotional pain and dark soul section below..

Soul Mates/Kindred Souls Explained

When a Soul is created, it is initially created as a massive bubble of energy. It is then split into two, and two soul mates are created. The reason why this happens, is so that one soul is never truly alone, and has an eternal soul mate that will never leave them.

It is important to know that while it is possible for two souls mates be on the same time and connect with each other, it doesn’t happen much. This is because (as I will explain below), it could slow you down and stop you from learning the lessons you come here to learn. It is often smart to make sure if they are on earth they don’t meet, and even more common for one to stay on the other side while the other come to earth.

More on this in a seperate post…

Why Do Souls Come To Earth (Short Summary)

IMG_5930 2

You need to know, on the other side, the light kingdom, there is nothing but positivity. There is absolutely NO dark souls, everything is easy, and we are all at our purest.. Earth is the opposite. Our souls come here to learn, to spiritually evolve through many lifetimes. While the soul, when it is created is pure, it has not learnt direct lessons. It can go over to a library so to speak, and look at everything every soul has learnt on Earth and learn that way. But this is second-hand learning, and ultimately, to learn and evolve, the soul has to spend one, or in many cases, multiple lives on Earth.

So, the purpose of the soul on Earth, is to experience lessons through negativity, to evolve the soul and learn as much as it can. Don’t forget, the soul forgets EVERYTHING from the past life because if you had that knowledge, you wouldn’t learn nowhere near as much. Of-course, you can remember things through research of astrology, etc, but generally a lot of information is lost when you cross over, so you can learn better. 

This is why souls, the ones who chose to come to earth many times (some souls come here once, hate it and opt to never come back again, but they work as guides for people on earth so do still learn), will live lives in different circumstances– for example, different races, different levels of wealth, different parents, etc..

Emotional Pain Explained

Emotional Pain refers to stored pain and stress, and bad experiences in the back of your conscious mind. When you go through stressful and hurtful experiences, you tend to what to shove it to the back, to deal with it latter (but you never do). This results in stored junk and mess, that your to scared to clean up. It builds up, and creates emotional pain, a heavy, deep, hurtful feeling that arises around the heart Heart, Throat and Stomach (Solar) Chakra to be specific. I will continue after the picture…

heart throat stomach chakra 1


As you can see, the Solar (Stomach), Heart and Throat Chakra is where the emotional pain arises. Something that hurt’s you happens, like a break-up from a partner, and you feel this deep, heavy feeling first in your Solar (stomach) Chakra. It then rises up to the Heart Chakra, and makes the heart area feel tight and heavy. It can then vibrate up even more, which is why you may feel sick in these situation, like you will be sick. It then rises all the way up to your Head Chakra, and your soul remembers the pain from the experience, and stores it in your conscious mind. If you don’t work through this pain, then it will be stored in the unconscious mind and will have a direct influence on everything you do.

Now remember, the soul (majority) have had multiple lives, so if you stored pain from back then in the back of your mind, even though you don’t remember anything on earth, you are dealing with that stored junk too.

No wonder the feeling can be so intense in most people, that’s a lot of junk!

Soul Healing Explained

Soooo, how do we heal this emotional pain? No one ever wants to feel that pain on a regular basis.


The first step is understanding, that energy and pain you feel, is a result of the soul. You can feel the soul! I know it feels like it hurts, but when it happens, you can say ‘wow, I am feel the soul’, and it will make it way better. You will learn to love it, because it isn’t really pain. It feels like it at first, but if you breathe with it, you realise it’s just hallow and uncomfortable. Not painful. It makes your heart race, your stomach drop and your throat feel tight, but you need to learn to be okay with it. Running from it and hiding is not an option. What matters is what you think and feel after you feel emotional pain. You can change it in this way. Breathing and identifying it as a signal of the soul, it really can be a beautiful thing.

I will write a full post on this soon and some exercises you can do

Dark Souls Explained

Now, let’s talk about the not so light souls……….. mmmm

Dark Souls are literally the opposite to Light Souls. They are filled with dirty, rotton decay. There are 3 SIN BITCHES who are the blackest of them all. But they also have a cult following, of black souls. The death squad. They manifest in societies Sociopaths and Psychopaths, they have Antisocial Personality Disorder that is characterised by a lack of empathy and care for other people. They are the people who CANNOT be in society, they CANNOT be cured, they are black and will stay black. Light souls need to keep their distance.

Dark Souls are narcissistic, and can seriously play the part better than you would expect. They know how to not act dark, and in that way they trick us light souls. They have very bad black rage in their heart, and until they release it and show it to you, it can be hard to pick them out. Lucky for you, your Chakras (points of energy) warn you when you are in their presence. Listen to your instinct, it could save your life. Here is a collage showing you the difference, I will explain under that how you can use the Chakra’s to stay safe if you ever come into contact with a dark being.


Chakras & Identifying Dark

You can use the Heart Chakra, and the Stomach (Solar) Chakra, to identify a dark soul and get away. I will explain more under the pic…

heart throat stomach chakra 1

So, when you are around a dark soul, your stomach will have butterflies- It’s different than the heavy emotional pain, because it’s more of a ‘GET AWAY, GET AWAY, NO, NO, type vibe. Emotional pain is heavy and sluggish, but ANXIETY, is different. It’s quick, it rushes and it’s ready to RUN. Flight of Fight response. Anxiety is a problem in our society, people take drugs and they don’t know the difference between feeling anxious for a good reason, and it being triggered by psychological problems. You can see how this can be a big problem, because the GUT INSTINCT, telling you to GET THE FUCK AWAY, is messed up. Your heart will then race, because it’s ready to be prepared to run.

Nonetheless, if you get very very anxious in your stomach around someone, or around a situation, you need to get away from it. It could be the soul indicating your in danger, and messing with the wrong people.

I will go over each heading in greater detail, here are some links to my previous posts. thanks for reading babes!!!!!

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