Outfit- Boohoo Lasha Co-Ord Crop + Skirt Set in Sky Review, Pics, Info

Yesterday I wore a beautiful two-piece, co-ord Crop top and High Skirt set by Boohoo! I wore it with a beige-nude handbag which created a nice colour contrast, and a black cardigan.

This is my type of shit these days, classy stuff that doesn’t make you look like some type of nun, or frumpy.. I hate frumpy shit… I don’t do well with long dresses……. Something Ive learnt, my fashion evolution so to speak, is that you don’t need to dress like hooker- crop top and tiny shorts- to look good. That looks horrible, I look at my old photos and style and I cringe so deep. I am here for that occasionally, der, I would wear that type of stuff occasionally but to go out, naaaaaah, god my style has changed…. Anyway I’m feeling this classy type –  Classy with a big twist though…..

I just need some skin, okurrrrr!!!! 

Here’s some info and a million pics…

Boohoo Lasha Wrap Top & Mini Skirt Co-Ord Set in Sky DESCRIPTION + INFO

The Lasha Set comes with a wrap crop top and a high mini skirt. The material is that elastic type that doesn’t stretch and hugs your body tight but isn’t like a corset to squeeze into, so it’s CURVY BITCH FUCKING FRIENDLY and this is size 12, which is small if you are thick asf, especially form boohoo. Material specs below.. ..

The material of the skirt means you can change the length of it- if you want it shorter you can bunch it up more around the hips, or if you wanna be a classy ass bitch you can just fully stretch it out so it’s long.

The crop top looks like one of those tight, zipper ones but it isn’t and is the same material as the skirt. Dream to get into and not tight. It can also be worn multiple ways. The cross thing in it can be wrapped around and folded into the skirt, or an be folded up to be more of a bra-lette.

95% Polyester, 5% Elastane. Flat Measurement of Garment: Top: Total Length 33cm/13″. Skirt: Total Length 43cm/17″, Waist 32cm/13.5″. Elasticated Waist. Machine Washable. 


$31.31 AUD – $24.00 USD


4 Sizes Available

Size 8 to 14


2 Colours Available

Sky (light, pale blue) and Black

Boohoo Violet 3/4 Sleeve Raw Edge Cardigan

I’m wearing this boohoo cardigan over the top of the set. It’s long and I love it.. The material is very sturdy and it’s not one of those cardigans that will last two weeks. Pretty simple.. Cardigans give me life.


$20.85 AUD – $16.00 USD


3 Sizes Available



2 Colours Available

Grey and Raspberry


Other Accessories- Nude Handbag

Handbag by Collette Hayman. I am not sure what bag it is or if they sill have it but here are some alternative I found…

EMMA COVER 7-IN-1 TOTE by Collette Hayman

DEMI TASSEL TOTE by Collette Hayman


BooHoo Co-ord pp33ss3

BooHoo Co-ord pp5



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